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Jamie R Stamper - Manager / Principal

Thank you for your interest in our services. We would be pleased for the opportunity to discuss prices for all your property maintenance requirements, and our customers would be pleased to offer references as to the quality of our work and ease of access to our service if you require.

With more than 30 years experience, including high rise carpet and window cleaning, and 5 years further education as a mature age student, (qualifications which include cert 111 property management services, computers, and engineering).

The writer also designed an innovation for industry and commerce while completing engineering course, and have been using with very good feedback from our customers. We also offer the all new hot waterblasting (no chemicals).

With quality product (sorbo hard water, scale remover & glass polish), expertise, innovative technology, an intimate understanding of our customer expectations, and peace of mind from that little bit extra we do behind the scenes to deliver our famous showroom standard at value for money prices.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Jamie R Stamper (Manager)

All new hot water blasting.

Safe. No Chemicals. Kill fleas & weeds.

Future Solutions Now

From Hot to Steam

Windown Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Wand

The device (cleaning wand) uses an accumulator inserted between a series of valves, which convert the elasticity of fluid pressure into a pulse, which increases cleaning power, reduces water and chemical consumption, and EMF requirements.

Carpet & Window Cleaning (Commercial, High Rise & Residential), Rubbish Removal, Drive-ON Weed Eater, Initial Cleans, Small Carpentry Repairs, New Service Floor Sanding, All New Hot Water Blasting, Floor Polishing, Body Corp, Pubs, Offices, Equipment Design.

Future Solutions Now

Purpose Statement

Specialists in the design, and manufacture of innovative equipment, and ongoing improvements in environmentally friendly cleaning technology to deliver a value for money, high showroom standard that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Special Achievement

Designed an Innovation for Industry and Commerce.

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