The Value of Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning

It’s now clear that global warming driven by human actions is upon us. The depleting ozone layer has left us wondering what we as a species can do to combat and hopefully reverse our past actions. This is just one of the reasons eco-friendly cleaning was developed and is now becoming a mainstay of our lives. This helps by not producing chemicals which exacerbate the increasing temperature, and also prevents any nasties ending up in our environment.

Some organizations are even paying to get eco-friendly services installed, use of DC inverters as air conditioners, minimal to no burning of fossil fuels leading to emission of CO2 gases, and much more. But cleaning comes first.

Whenever we talk about eco-friendly, the first thought that often comes to mind is cleaning.

Today more than ever organisations are looking for, and expecting, not only the best service and price, but also an eco-conscious company. We believe it’s critical that cleaning companies use green cleaning products and operate in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. There are countless advantages in engaging with an environmentally friendly commercial cleaning company.

A Healthier Work environment

Did you know that routine cleaning chemicals are one of the leading three indoor contaminants? While it is necessary to keep a clean work environment, there are ways to do which mitigate making use of hazardous chemicals.

Look for a company that makes use of non-toxic, eco accredited cleaning products. These products are formulated from all-natural components that are much less damaging to the environment, whilst still offering the same cleaning properties of their chemical-based counterparts. So there’s no need to choose between having a clean workspace and being kind to the environment, you can have both.

More Productive and Happier Employees

In addition to the health and physical advantages associated with eco-friendly office cleaning, there’s a lot to be said about the ethical and moral advantages. In the current age of ecological sustainability, people are more likely to value a work environment with a focus on going eco-friendly. On top of that, current studies have actually shown that an increasing variety of people would certainly prefer to work for a company that puts credence on ecologically mindful job techniques.

Fewer Sick Days

If there’s anything that 2020 taught is, it’s the benefits of washing our hands and using hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of viruses. But just as important is to ensure your workspace is nice and clean so it’s not harbouring any viruses and bacteria. With time these build up and can be a real contributing factor to how often your employees end up sick and away from work.

So having a proper commercial clean using eco-friendly products is imperative to ensure your workers aren’t becoming sick just by showing up to work. Fewer sick days translates to a happier employee who isn’t having to take time off all the time just to be miserable at home. That’s just one step you as an employer can take to ensure the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Spread out the Happiness

We all know the feeling of joy when you change your sheets and get into bed for the first time. There’s something about being surrounded by clean sheets that just makes you feel happy.

The same can be said about our surroundings. Most people enjoy it when things are tidy and most importantly clean. So, ensuring your workspace is cleaned to a high standard using eco-friendly products

Improved Air Quality

Both you and your employees spend close to a third of their time at work. So of course, air quality is a huge deal. Here in New Zealand, we are lucky to naturally have some of the cleanest non-polluted air in the world. But does your office offer this as well as the outside world?

If you’re cleaning provider is currently using products full of nasty chemicals, then you might be doing a disservice to your employees. Regular commercial cleaning products tend to have strong odours that linger, and potentially toxic substances that while cleaning can impact on air quality. Not what you want your employees breathing in!

It’s necessary to select a company that utilises natural, less intrusive components. It’s been shown that much better air high quality within a work environment brings about a decrease in exhaustion, tension and also headaches. Your employees will thank you for it.

You Are entitled to a Safe and Tidy Work Area

Your employees have enough on their plates without the nuisance of a dirty work environment. When you decide to outsource your work environment cleaning duties, do not make the issue even worse by introducing harmful chemicals that cause your employees to start feeling light-headed.

You can stay clear of nasty chemical smells by choosing to work with a cleaning company that utilises eco-friendly cleaning products.

Environment-Friendly Organisations are the Future

Today, businesses across the globe are continuously concentrating on minimizing their carbon impact. As a global community, we are beginning to witness the impacts of environmental change at a disconcerting rate.

For some time now, companies have actually been encouraged to lower their electrical use, be mindful of how much paper they use, as well as improve recycling. These straightforward steps will work to both conserve your running costs as well as minimize carbon emissions. One more step that you should take to aid the environment is to constantly make use of an environmentally friendly office cleaning company.

Going Eco-friendly can Raise Profits

Who doesn’t want to raise profits?

Hands up if you do. Financial studies suggest that companies that advertise green initiatives are starting to see an increase in revenues. Environmental sustainability is at the fore front of people’s minds like never before, and consumers want to work with companies that can demonstrate their green credentials. As an advertising and marketing approach, being green is a great way to separate your organisation from your rivals.